MULGRAIN grains and flours are superior calcined mullite products for investment casting with multiple chemical and physical advantages designed to be used in-shell to receive the metal as backup coats.

Superior mould ceramic that meets demanding requirements of investment casting 

Our MULGRAIN grains and flours are superior ceramic refractory mould ceramic. These calcined mullite products are specially designed to meet today’s demanding investment casting requirements and are precisely sized and custom blended to obtain a series of coarse to fine sizes. During the screening, the grains are de-dusted to ensure a virtually dust-free stucco.

MULGRAIN is used in ceramic shells to receive the metal.

Key benefits

Ideal for preventing thermal shock and cracking
Excellent refractoriness and low thermal expansion
Excellent creep resistance
Excellent chemical properties allow for lower fired strength
Relatively low thermal conductivity
Good thermal insulative and conductivity properties

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