Moler non-clumping cat litter

Moler is highly suited for odor control cat litter due to its ability to absorb animal effluents and moisture. We offer a range of cat litter solutions based on the unique natural mineral moler.

Non-clumping cat litter for fussy kitties 

We offer a range of non-clumping cat litter solutions created from naturally occurring moler

Moler is highly suited to use in cat litter due to its ability to absorb animal effluents and reduce odor. Each granule acts like a sponge, absorbing liquids and helping to inhibit bacterial growth. Moler offers double active odor control, meaning the litter tray stays fresh for longer. It is environmentally friendly and inert.

Moler is a natural rock formation that’s found – and mined by Imerys – only on the islands of Fur and Mors in Denmark. It is composed of approximately one-third clay and two-thirds diatomaceous earth. This diatom content gives moler its large specific surface and unique absorption qualities. 

Our range of molers for cat litters are essentially calcined grades, which are characterized by their light weight and pinkish color. 

We make it, you name it

As consumer preferences vary widely from country to country, we also offer industrial customers customized cat litter solutions for private labels with various packing options, matching their local requirements. Our global network of sales teams, distributors and customer service team work closely with our skilled logistics teams to provide a comprehensive service that leverages the latest in modern transportation management systems to optimize deliveries with up to the minute information. 

Key consumer brands

Our key consumer brands for moler-based pet litter include:

  • Amigo™ lite 
  • Catfield 
  • Avancat de Luxe 

Key benefits

High water absorption capacity
Natural drying agent – does not support bacterial life
Water retention
Natural origin
Active odor control
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