ImerShield performance mineral synergists have been specially developed for polymer flame retardant applications.
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Synergists for intumescent flame retardants

Intumescent flame retardants (FR) are commonly used in many engineered thermoplastics applications. Our ImerShield range of flame retardant synergists for polymers are specially designed for use in these flame retardant systems, used in applications such as cell phones, computers, electric vehicles and household appliances. 

Their engineered morphology and chemistry enable manufacturers to enhance efficacy synergistically and to reduce loading levels of flame retardants to meet desired classifications. Depending on the product selected, they can help improve the reinforcement of plastics, reduce equipment corrosion and improve rheology and melt flow.

Higher performance for higher ratings

The unique features of ImerShield provide a range of benefits to compounders looking to add real performance to their flame retardant polymers for use in electronics. These features allow for similar or improved flame retardant ratings at reduced part thicknesses. They also allow manufacturers to reduce flame retardant additive loading while improving or maintaining their classification. Certain grades can help improve the reinforcement of plastics, reduce equipment corrosion or improve rheology and melt flow. Security of supply is increased by allowing the use of alternative formulations with minerals that partially replace flame retardant additives and chopped glass fiber in formulations. Manufacturers can also reduce overall formulation costs by supplementing higher-cost additives and formulation components that currently face supply limitations. 

These impressive features make ImerShield the ideal choice for use in intumescent flame retardant plastics formulations to improve their classifications, part quality, mechanical properties and polymer processing while also reducing additive loading and equipment corrosion.


  • Meets flame retardant classification
  • Allows to reduce flame retardant additive loading 
  • Improves production processing
  • Increases security of supply 
  • Cost reduction 
Mike Bird - S&T Development Manager Polymers

Our ImerShield™ range supports our customers in their mission to create safer, more effective products that minimize the risk of fire. ImerShield™ E150 and ImerShield™ E350 have been developed to act in synergy with halogen free flame retardants, widely used in cabling applications, reducing the combustion rate, the spread of fire and greatly reducing the level of smoke generated. 

To support the rapid growth in electric vehicles, we have also launched ImerShield™ E2100 for engineered thermoplastics such as polyamide, used in the construction of lithium ion battery packs and other vital vehicle components.

Mike Bird
S&T Development Manager Polymers

ImerShield P4 grades are Pioneer products

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ImerShield allows compounders to produce end products which contain lower loadings of conventional flame retardants, hence mitigating exposure to harmful chemicals and helping to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) restrictions governing FR levels in consumer goods. These North American grades are also sourced domestically, guaranteeing security of supply and lowering the overall CO2 footprint of the product delivered to the customer’s gate. ImerShield grades P4101, P4131 and P4121 have therefore been awarded the Imerys Pioneer Certificate, meaning they represent the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, while demonstrating a low environmental impact in their production phase, compared to their economic value. Pioneer is our highest rating for products and services and denotes outstanding sustainability performance compared to the reference on the market.

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