ImerFlex® HAR® T20

ImerFlex HAR T20 is a high-aspect-ratio talc that can reduce air permeability in tire inner liners by 40%.
Mistron HAR

Highly lamellar talc for inner tire liners 

Developed using a unique, patented, delamination process that dramatically increases aspect ratio, our ImerFlex HAR T20 talc is five times more lamellar than standard talc.

Used as a reinforcement filler in partial replacement of carbon black in tire inner liners, the platy properties of the ImerFlex HAR T20 range restrict liquid and gas diffusion, increasing the diffusion path and improving impermeability. When impermeability is good, tires perform better in terms of rolling resistance, handling, cornering and wear.

An effective barrier against gas diffusion
An effective barrier against gas diffusion

Imerys’ ImerFlex HAR T20 talc is ideal for energy-efficient LRR tires

Tire inner liners reinforced with our ImerFlex HAR T20 range give 40% lower air permeability rates than liners filled with carbon black. This improvement allows tire manufacturers to reduce liner thickness and tire weight, making tires cheaper to produce and lowering rolling resistance.

Lower Rolling Resistance (LRR) means fuel savings for the consumer and lower CО2 emissions, and can contribute to boosting LRR tires to a higher rating under tire efficiency labelling systems, for example.

ImerFlex HAR T20 talc also:

  • Limits oxygen diffusion in the tire carcass, preventing steel cord oxidation and improving durability.
  • Improves scorch time, viscosity and cut growth resistance.

40% lower air permeability rates than carbon black
40% lower air permeability rates than carbon black

ImerFlex HAR T20 talc is available in high-density, dust-free micro-beads for easy handling and high processing throughput.

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