Fibra-Cel® сellulose fiber filter aids

We have formulated an extensive range of cellulose fiber filter aids to suit all food and beverage filtration applications.
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Improved pre-coating in beer and wine filtration

Our Celite Fibra-Cel range are cellulose-based products ideal for rapid pre-coating in beer and wine filtration, especially when old or damaged screens are being used. The Celite Fibra-Cel range offers a stable cake formation and can protect the filter cake against unwanted pressure shocks. It also aids filter cake release during filter wash-offs.

Multi-functional product properties:

  • Precoats rapidly. Fibers quickly bridge openings in filter screens and cloths, especially openings too large to be precoated with ordinary diatomite or perlite filter aids. 
  • Promotes longer cycles. Fibers protect septums and prevent blinding. 
  • Cleans rapidly. Releases quickly and cleanly from filter septums by backwashing or rinsing. 
  • Forms a stable cake. Fibrous layer resists pressure shocks to the filter cake.
  • Prevents filter aid bleed-through. Fibers form a stable base after pre-coats and admixes of diatomite or perlite. 
  • Prevents mechanical leaks. Fibers can precoat comparatively large openings around gaskets and filter leaf seats. 
  • Separates liquid phases. Absorptive properties can separate different liquid phases from each other, for example, water in olive oils.
  • Facilitates waste disposal. Spent cake may be incinerated to reduce volume for disposal.

Fibra-Cel filtration applications:

  • Alkaline solutions – where even small amounts of soluble silica are objectionable.
  • Beverages – excellent cake stability while preventing filter aid bleed-through.
  • Food products – superior clarity and cake stability with a pure cellulose filter aid.
  • Petroleum – removes emulsified water.
  • Plating solutions – excellent solids removal and cake stability with nonsilicous filter aid.

Fibra-Cel products:

100% Cellulose pre-coating grades

  • Fibra-Cel® BH-10
  • Fibra-Cel® BH-20
  • Fibra-Cel® BH-40
  • Fibra-Cel® BH-65
  • Fibra-Cel® BH-100
  • Fibra-Cel® SW-10
  • SW-5

Cellulose pre-coating blends

Cellulose-diatomite blends:

  • Fibra-Cel® 5F
  • Fibra-Cel® 7F
  • Fibra-Cel® 11F

Cellulose-perlite-diatomite blends:

  • Fibra-Cel® 5FP
  • Fibra-Cel® 7FP
  • Fibra-Cel® 11FP

Key benefits

Precoats rapidly
Promotes longer cycles
Cleans rapidly
Forms a stable cake
Prevents filter aid bleed-through
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