Bentonite for paper and board

Ideal for optimizing paper and board machine productivity. Bentonite improves wet-end processing, absorbs contaminants, improves filler retention, and can prevent sticky deposits resulting in cleaner machine circuits.

For high-end adsorptive power during wet end processing and water loop treatment

With its high adsorptive power, bentonite is the perfect environment-friendly mineral for retention, dewatering, stickies control and water loop treatment.

Bentonite consists of smectite clay minerals such as montmorillonite, which are layered alumino-silicates that swell when in contact with water.  Montmorillonite platelets are also very thin, meaning they have a very high available surface area. When added to water, these platelets expand until the whole material is dispersed into very thin single sheets. This very high surface area, combined with the cationic charge of the material, makes bentonite ideal for applications requiring adsorption, flocculation and dewatering.

Wet-end processing

Our bentonite range is particularly recommended for retention, dewatering and deposit control during wet-end processing in deinked (DIP) and Recycled Fibre (RCF) based paper and board production.


  • Adsorbs contaminants in water streams
  • Improves fines and filler retention
  • Prevents sticky deposits in machine circuits
  • Improves drainage time
  • Increases retention of paper additives (sizing agents, etc.) and special pigments
  • Improves paper quality

Water loop treatment

Bentonite is capable of absorbing up to 10 times its own weight in water, making it a valuable additive in the treatment and purification of process water, wastewater and effluents.

Operating in concert with flocculation agents, our bentonite grades:

  • Agglomerate filler materials and colloidal constituents into stable flocs that can easily be skimmed after micro-flotation or sedimentation
  • Forms colloidal dispersions that, due to their high specific surface area and layer charge, possess strong adsorptive power
  • Perform as flotation agents when combined with suitable polymers

Our bentonite ranges

  • Altonit® for retention, dewatering and stickies control in deinked (DIP) and recycled base paper and board production
  • Aquamont® for use with dissolved air flotation (DAF) and micro-flotation techniques in deinked (DIP) pulp production
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