Bentonite clumping cat litter

Bentonite clay creates a clumping pet litter that is convenient for cat owners. We offer a range of bentonite solutions that cater to customers in many markets.

Our natural solutions for cleaner litter trays

About 600 million cats live with their human owners around the world. If you consider that a cat can go through about 200 kilograms of pet litter every year and healthy cats live to an age of 16 or 17, keeping our feline friends comfortable during the call of nature is of great importance.

Clumping litters are very popular with end consumers as they make litter box cleaning much easier. Bentonite is an ideal base for clumping cat litter because of its ability to absorb moisture and liquid (urine). When in contact with liquids, bentonite absorbs 3.5 times its own weight, causing cat litter to form clumps that can be easily scooped up. Voila! An instantly clean toilet for your pet.

Bentonite based solution
Bentonite based solution enables clumping for cat litter

Bentonite does all this without requiring chemical additives. It is naturally absorbent and clumping, does not support bacterial life and works as a natural drying agent due to its high absorption capacity, helping the litter box to stay hygienic and odor-free. It is also environmentally friendly and inert.

We supply bentonite as a pure, raw material – with or without fragrance and other additives. Our ranges include classic gray, ultra gray (fine), white classic and white ultra grades. 

The majority of our bentonite cat litter products come from our mine in Milos, Greece – the scale there means we can supply large quantities with very high quality consistency. 

Imerys’ site in Milos
Imerys’ site in Milos, one the world largest bentonites mines (Greece)

We offer bentonite for cat litter in different types of packaging including bulk, big bag and small consumer packaging.

Key benefits

  • Clumping ability and efficient clump: cohesive/stable clump, adequate shape, dimensions and weight
  • High water absorption capacity
  • Natural drying agent – does not support bacterial life
  • Water retention
  • Natural origin
  • Active odor control
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