Barrikote™ Systems

A unique family of mineralized, water-based, easy-to-recycle solutions for paper and board to optimize barrier performance against grease, liquids, water vapor and oxygen.

Water-based, recyclable barriers for paper and board

  • Water-based
  • Recyclable 
  • High mineral content
  • High barrier performance
  • Water, moisture, OGR barrier
  • Proven solution

Barrikote Systems are a unique family of water-based, mineralized water-based barrier coatings for paper and board packaging, designed to provide optimum resistance against water vapor, liquids, grease and mineral oils. They are already proving very successful on the market for food service, paper cups and flexible paper applications.


An integral part of the paper/board substrate

Barrikote Systems are designed as an integral part of the paper/board substrate, making them ideal solutions for recyclable mono material packaging applications. Based on a system of layers, with an optimized mineral content in each layer, Barrikote systems provide:

  • Excellent barrier performance
  • Easier recyclability,
  • Reduced polymer use
  • Optimum cost efficiency

    Product range

    Barrikote Systems consist of:

    • A range of mineral-based primers, adapted to each type of barrier requirement, and paper/board substrate and technical setup.
    • A set of barrier coating systems, engineered for best performance in each end use application.

    All our configurations are tailor-made to customer needs. For each type of end use, we have selected one example for a defined end use. 

    Barrikote range

    Tested and approved in many application processes

    Our mineralized barrier formulations also give you much more freedom in terms of application because they enable higher application solids, easier coatweight generation and put less demands on drying. Our customers have been successfully using them on a wide range of coating and printing equipment including:

    • Film press
    • Rod coaters
    • Blade coaters
    • AirKnife
    • Curtain coaters
    • Spray coaters
    • Gravure and flexographic presses
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    Barrikote™ C and GR: Imerys Pioneer solutions

    Their superior barrier performance makes Barrikote Systems excellent environment-friendly alternatives to PFAS and PE extrusion based products. Packaging produced with Barrikote coatings is repulpable and recyclable in existing waste streams. Industrial compostability (EN13432) can also be achieved.

    Barrikote Systems are popular solutions for manufacturers looking to increase the sustainability of their own portfolios and offerings. Strongly aligned with increasingly stringent regulations regarding single-use plastics, Barrikote makes it possible to recycle many more paper cups and carton packaging units by replacing conventional plastics layers with a mineral barrier.

    Barrikote C & GR are Imerys Pioneer products. This means they have received our highest sustainability rating for products and services which denotes outstanding sustainability performance compared to the reference on the market. Pioneer certified products provide the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, while demonstrating a low environmental impact in their production phase.

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