Ball clay range

Platy, kaolinitic clays offer a range of cost-effective benefits for adhesives and solvents producers.
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Are you on the ball?

Ball clays–also known as kaolinitic clays–are very platy natural clays that are used in the adhesives and solvents industry due to their high hydraulic plasticity. When added to solvents and adhesives they deliver enhanced suspension stability, excellent reinforcement properties, great barrier effects, with the added potential of soundproofing, plus cost-effective reflectivity. 

We offer two ball clay products–Barden and Franklin-R–both widely used for aqueous systems consisting of acrylic binders or natural polymers. They impart shear-thinning viscosity and can increase your yield point for enhanced suspension stability. 

Ball clays can be soft or hard and their hydraulic plasticity makes them highly suitable for water-based adhesive where long suspension stability is desired. Also ideal for systems consisting of natural polymers such as starch and gums, ball clays are available as milled products with fine to ultrafine particle size.

Key benefits

High hydraulic plasticity
Enhanced suspension stability
Excellent reinforcement
Potential barrier effect
Potential to impart soundproofing
Cost-effective reflectivity
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