ALODUR® for investment casting

The highest grades of synthetic materials are designed for investment casting applications. ALODUR products are the most thermally stable and physically resistant aggregates and fillers for use in the most arduous conditions in high-temperature processing.
A cover image for the Alodur for refractories and investment casting product range

Perfectly cast: ALODUR® for investment casting

Our ALODUR white fused alumina materials are ideally suited for the casting of reactive alloys and steels at very high temperatures. Available in various forms to suit required uses, ALODUR WSK, SWSK, ZWSK, WRG, WRG IC, KKW and KKD fused aluminum oxides are all synthetic hard minerals based on alpha – aluminum oxide.

  • White Fused Alumina 
  • Brown Fused Alumina 
  • Fused Alumina Zirconia
  • Fused Zirconia Mullite 
  • White Fused Mullite
  • Bubble Alumina 

Our ALODUR range of products is available in aggregate and powder forms and really comes into its own when applied in investment casting for steel alloys of all types. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electrothermal fusion at temperatures of around 2050°C. These products show a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, placing them close to that of the hardest known substance, diamond (Mohs 10). In addition to high hardness, they also show excellent thermal and chemical stability, as well as a high degree of thermal shock resistance. It is used in investment casting as refractory stucco and filler for primary and backup slurries, designed for use with high-temperature alloys and steels.

An image of the Alodur WRG IC ESR

Key benefits

High degree of thermal shock resistance
Low and stable thermal expansion
Very chemically stable and resistant to corrosion
Excellent resistance to abrasion
High density & low porosity
Outstanding properties at high temperature

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