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Mining in today’s changing world: insights from Alessandro Dazza, CEO

How is the mining industry responding to global trends? What are the main challenges and opportunities it faces, and what might the future hold? Our Chief Executive Officer, Alessandro Dazza shares his views on the role of mining in a changing world in this new LinkedIn article.

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Mining is vital to our societies, economies, and the daily lives of millions worldwide. At the same time, the world’s needs for natural resources are changing rapidly and putting increased pressure on our natural systems. In this new LinkedIn article on “Mining today”, Alessandro Dazza sets out to explore mining’s role as an essential industry in a changing world.

The changing role of an essential industry

Alessandro argues that meeting the demand for natural resources is essential to support continued progress and global economic growth. He looks at the vital role the mining industry has to play in making better use of the world’s natural resources to meet both global challenges and changing customer needs. 

In particular, he argues that the emergence of new technologies in response to climate change is creating new needs and uses for mined resources to support the transition to net-zero and that the mining industry has a key role to play.

Alessandro also discusses changing investor attitudes in light of a greater focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and the need for the mining industry to work towards more consistent standards for responsible mining.

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