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Long-term partnerships strengthen Imerys’ biodiversity plans

Imerys formally continues two key relationships that support its role in biodiversity preservation.

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Imerys has reaffirmed its environmental commitments by renewing its biodiversity partnership with France’s National Museum of Natural History and pledging its support to the newly launched act4nature International.

Expertise helping Imerys reduce its environmental impact

The National Museum of Natural History is France’s leading institution for the preservation of biodiversity. Imerys’ collaboration with the Museum since 2018 has been fundamental to its work in analyzing biological diversity issues across its sites.

The expertise of this recognized scientific partner has improved the Group’s knowledge of the biodiversity issues inherent in its activities and strengthened its solutions and action plans.

Two years ago, Imerys was one of the first companies to sign up to act4nature. Led by Entreprises pour l’Environnement (literally, “Companies for the Environment”), this voluntary initiative is a French coalition of companies, public actors, scientists and environmental associations who are committed to protecting, enhancing and restoring biodiversity.

Imerys has taken part in the launch of act4nature International, which continues act4nature’s work by encouraging business leaders of companies with global activities to make biodiversity as great a priority as climate change.

As one of the committed companies, Imerys will support act4nature International’s work towards 10 common commitments and 15 company-specific, dated and quantified objectives.

Expertise helping Imerys reduce its environmental impact

Preservation of biodiversity is integral to Imerys’ strategy

Imerys has used the insight from relationships with both these organizations to develop and expand its own strategy to better integrate biodiversity into its long-term action plan and practices.

These initiatives include improving mine rehabilitation, reducing chemical additives and maximizing the use of natural resources, ensuring native species are prioritized in revegetation projects and raising awareness of biodiversity with all stakeholders, for example through community open days or the Group’s internal Sustainable Development Challenge competition.

While responding, usefully and intelligently, to the growing needs of our societies, we must also contribute to a more sustainable world. Because preserving biodiversity is complex, we are delighted to carry out our action alongside committed and recognized players with whom we share the same objective: to protect the environmental and biological capital of our planet for future generations.

Alessandro Dazza
Chief Executive Officer of Imerys

The renewal of Imerys partnership with the National Museum of Natural History takes effect from June 2021 and will last for three years.