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2023: The year in review

2023 was marked by some major milestones for Imerys. We take a look back over the year’s highlights. 

Lithium production
Alessandro Dazza
Our CEO Alessandro Dazza announced solid financial performance for 2022, marked by continued growth.
HTS ladles Thionville
We completed the divestiture of our High Temperature Solutions business.
Ceremony French Geological Foundation
We signed a five-year agreement with the French National School of Geology to support the next generation of geologists.
We rolled out our new Sustainability roadmap for 2025, with our new objectives for DE&I, Climate Change and the Environment.
Lyondell-Basell Award ceremony
Major polymer producer and key customer, LyondellBasell, presented us with a Sustainability Award for our contribution to lowering their CO2 footprint.
Leap drawing
We launched LEAP, our new range of ultra-reactive specialty binders for sustainable construction.
Lompoc solar panel group
We entered into a long-term renewable energy partnership with TotalEnergies at our Lompoc facility in California.
Electric car charging
We formed a joint-venture with British Lithium to become the UK’s first integrated producer of battery-grade lithium carbonate.
Lithium sample
We produced the first lab samples of battery-grade lithium hydroxide from granite from our Beauvoir site in France.

Willebroek energy recovery signature
We installed a new energy recovery plant at our Willebroek plant in Belgium to turn syngas into electricity.
Solar panels UK
Our decarbonization targets to align with the 1.5°C trajectory were approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
Nantes university hospital
We joined forces with Vinci on one of Europe's most ambitious low-carbon concrete projects.
ITC Tianjin
We inaugurated a new application hall at our Imerys Tech Center in China.
GCC powder
We reached an agreement for the acquisition of O-N Minerals’ Carmeuse calcium carbonate business in North Georgia.
The deal will allow us to expand our GCC capacity to serve construction and agriculture markets.
Employees at Imerys Connect Day
Employees around the world came together for Imerys Connect Day on the theme ‘you can make the difference’ in the realm of safety and water conservation.
Talc plant China
We inaugurated a new talc processing plant in Wuhu, China, to produce high-value specialty talcs to serve the automotive polymers market.
Alessandrao Dazza at the European Lithium Challenge
CEO Alessandro Dazza joined EU officials and industry representatives at Raw Materials Week to present our EMILI lithium project.
Restored lake at Savins
We continued our efforts to restore the land and promote biodiversity at our sites around the world.
Willbroek pilot plant
We commissioned a new cutting edge pilot plant at our carbon black production plant in Belgium.
Sustainability: hand holding trees
We successfully issued our second Sustainability-Linked Bond for €500 million.

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