Sunburn protection

Our minerals protect growing fruit from UV rays and heat damage, helping to reduce spoilage by up to 60%.
Sunburn protection

Protect your fruit crops from spoiling in the sun  

Our minerals provide natural protection for fruit ripening in the orchard or on the vine. Sunburn and heat stress can damage up to 40% of a typical crop of apples, grapes, pears, olives or plums. 

So we developed and formulated environmentally friendly mineral solutions that can be used to coat the fruit in a film that protects the crop from heat stress and disease.

Our fruit protection products

  • Reduce surface temperatures
  • Lowers sunburn by up to 60%
  • Are environmentally friendly alternatives to synthetic chemicals and water sprays
  • Prevent black spot and apple scab
  • Are easy to disperse
  • Demonstrate good covering and homogenisation power
  • Do not affect colouring
  • Prevent moisture loss, meaning bigger fruits
  • Won’t wash off during watering
  • Don’t leave deposits after washing
  • Are non-abrasive and won’t cause wear on washing water recovery systems

We recommend our Argical™ Pro kaolin and Invelop® talc* for protecting your fruit from sunburn or heat stress on the vine. All our crop protection grades are accredited for use in organic farming.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.