Alkaline batteries

Discover our range of synthetic and expanded graphite powders for Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) cathode rings and can coating dispersions in alkaline batteries.

Improved electrical conductivity solutions for alkaline batteries

We are the graphite supplier of choice for alkaline battery manufacturers.

Our Timrex line is a complete offer of synthetic and expanded graphite powders. Used in the cathode mass, our highly crystalline graphite powders ensure electrical conductivity, while increasing mechanical stability and processability of the cathode ring. Additionally, our Timrex aqueous graphite dispersions for can coatings further increase electrical conductivity while improving resistance to corrosion.

The benefits of these improved electrical conductivity solutions include a high performance to price ratio as well as cost and operational efficiency due to excellent processability. On top of this, the self-lubrication of graphite minimizes tool wear, improves safety and offers an environmentally friendly choice compared to alternative solutions.