Membranes & foam filters

When it comes to filtration, our ceramic material products offer a massive amount of options, solutions and enhancements for users.
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Material solutions for filtration through membranes and foam filters

When it comes to filtration, ceramic materials offer a massive amount of options and solutions for users. Our raw materials are used in many applications such as ceramic membranes for pharma/chemicals, wastewater and oil/water separation, ceramic foam filters used in molten steel, aluminum and iron casting, and catalyst supports and diesel particle filters for the industrial and automotive industry. We design our raw materials to meet the flexural strength, porosity, and thermal properties as desired and requested by our clients, fully compatible with shaping processes such as extrusion and impregnation methods.

Ceramic membranes for liquid-solid or liquid-liquid separations are used in water & oil separation, pharma, chemical and industrial & public wastewater treatment. We optimize our materials to meet the separation requirements, from the size and shape, working pressures, temperatures, cycling rates to the pH and corrosion resistance.  

Aluminas are widely used due to their workability at low and high temperatures, at pH of 0-14 and at relatively low cost. Coarser white fused aluminas will make up the support layer enabling the desired porosity. Fine and very fine aluminas or zirconia powders will find their place in the intermediate and filtration layer.

Ceramic foam filters represent another area where we supply a variety of Zirconias and Aluminas. Molten metals, more specifically aluminium and steel (stainless, alloys), require a purification from solid and liquid impurities prior to casting to avoid part defects. Ceramic foam filters are the best solution to remove these impurities. Thermal shock resistance, operational temperature and corrosion resistance, as well as processability, are important factors to consider when selecting ceramic raw materials. 

Our main raw materials for membranes & foam filters can be supplied from our plants in Germany, China, Switzerland and the USA. ZIONICTM Zirconia and ALODUR® Alumina are the most widely used. Our TIMREX® graphite is primarily used as a pore former. We also offer certain natural minerals that may be used as binders.