Empowering our people

Empowering our people means encouraging employees to help come up with solutions to the environmental and societal challenges facing the world. Through the work we do every day, we can all play our part in doing the right thing and in doing things right, to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Empowering our people through SustainAgility™ centers around two pillars: 

  • Health and safety – making sure our employees stay healthy and safe
  • Human capital – nurturing talent, promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring open social dialogue and safeguarding human rights and labor practices

Health and safety

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Safety Connect Day 2018 - Bauxite Operations in Greece

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do at Imerys. It’s part of who we are, how we behave and the choices we make every day.

Ensuring the health and safety of workers is vital when working with minerals and operating in over 40 countries, as we do. We are developing a proactive health and safety culture across all levels of our business and our value chain. While we have made good progress since 2008, we will continuously improve our performance with the ultimate aim of achieving an incident-free workplace.

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Safety Connect Day 2018 - Bauxite Operations in Greece

Safer together

We’re committed to building a stronger health and safety culture for the whole business—for today, tomorrow and many years to come—through what we call "safer together." By evolving how we think about health and safety, we are learning from each other and working together to operate more safely and effectively. Through Safer Together, we’re actively encouraging our people to be positive about health and safety, to take responsibility for their choices, to look out for each other and to always place health and safety above all else. 

Driven by our leadership and health and safety experts worldwide, we take a structured approach to embed our health and safety culture across the business. This includes using a maturity matrix assessment tool in each location, which enables all our sites to follow best practices when assessing their safety culture, identify behavioral gaps and manage potential risks as part of an effective health and safety roadmap.

Access our Health & Safety Charter

Key figures

Lost-time accidents per million hours worked
Total injury frequency rate
Decrease in the total injury frequency rate since 2019

Human capital

Capital and human rights

Upholding the highest ethical standards, safeguarding human rights and building good employee relations is integral to every company’s long-term success. A diverse, skilled and engaged workforce helps foster innovation and develop sustainable solutions.

Conducting our business ethically, fairly and transparently is a fundamental principle for Imerys and has been set out in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We have an important role to play in leading the way on human rights and responsible labor practices wherever we operate. 

We are committed to enhancing our human capital by investing in our employees’ skills and wellbeing, creating a safe and inclusive work environment, fostering effective social dialogue and making a positive impact on our wider communities.

Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Capital and human rights

Investing in human capital

Our goal is to apply the highest international standards and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics across all our operations and to have a positive, lasting impact on our employees, communities and the wider world – and we extend these expectations to all our partners and suppliers. 

By implementing forward-thinking policies across the entire talent management lifecycle, we aim to attract and retain people with the right skill sets who share our sustainable ambition. 

Our training and development programs and awareness campaigns are essential to ensuring we fulfill our commitments and achieve our ambitions. We are instilling an inclusive culture of innovation and continuous improvement by bringing people together from different parts of the business to exchange knowledge and share best practices.