Mechanical properties for plastics

Recycling mixed plastics just got a whole lot easier, with our natural mineral additive ImerLink™.

Recycled plastics – now as good as new 

In order to accelerate recycling and meet consumer and social demand for greener industrial processes, we need to find ways to improve the quality of recycled plastics so they can be used for more complex applications. 

One issue is the mechanical properties of recycled plastics. Recycled polymers containing more than 4% of a contaminant polyolefin usually demonstrate very poor mechanical and optical properties. This is because polyethylene and polypropylene have different melting and solidification temperatures. Mix them together and the resulting recycled plastic is of low quality and only good for certain, basic applications. 

We’ve made a major step in solving this challenge with our proprietary ImerLink technology. Adding ImerLink technology to mixed polyolefins allows the different plastic polymers to work together, maintaining their mechanical properties and optical brilliance after being processed into new plastic. 

Talk to us today about ImerLink technology and how it can help drive forward the use of recycled plastics – and improve the ecological credentials of your products.