Drinking water gravity filtration units

Our ImerPure™ filtration devices harness decades of filtration expertise to deliver a safe, cost-effective water filter solution for the developing world.
Drinking water filtration

A cost-effective water filter for low-income families

Harnessing decades of filtration expertise, we have developed ImerPure, a cost-effective, high-performance gravity water filtration device for the developing world.

According to the World Health Organization, two billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. In 2016, Imerys joined the Springboard Initiative, created by non-profit global-health leader PATH and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The mission was to devise a safe drinking water system for low-income families.


ImerPure is a high-performance gravity water filtration device, which is functional, resilient and compact. Available in consumer-ready packaging, it uses an innovative and proprietary fast-flowing ceramic cartridge capable of purifying highly turbid, contaminated water and reducing disease-causing pathogens.

It is easy to clean and comes in a robust and modular design, allowing for future attachments.

ImerPure meets international standards and is designed for distribution through partnerships with disaster relief organizations, social enterprises, NGOs and household manufacturers.

The ImerPure cartridge is capable of purifying highly turbid and contaminated water, rendering it potable. It also reduces the count of disease-causing pathogens.

Application specific benefits

  • High-performance gravity water filtration device
  • High-flow ceramic cartridge
  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • High protection levels with long filter life
  • Modular, for future innovative attachments