AkuaPro kaolin can fight algae and reduce incidents of disease in farmed fish.

An eco-friendly solution for healthier fish stocks

Fish farms are susceptible to numerous threats, including diseases like columnaris and aeromonas hydrophila, and invasive organisms such as algae. Standard methods of combating these threats include the use of antibiotics and copper sulfates. But these treatments pose their risks. 

Feeding antibiotics to fish not only escalates production costs, but it’s also less sustainable and environmentally friendly, and has serious consequences about antibiotic resistance. Likewise, the use of copper sulfates to kill algae can harm or kill fish when algae die and release sulfates back into the water. 

AkuaPro kaolin solution is the natural, eco-friendly way to protect fish farms from these threats. It’s made from a natural clay mineral powder with a long history of medicinal use and contains neither antibiotics nor copper sulfates.

​​Safe, cost-effective and simple to use, AkuaPro kaolin solution impedes bacteria from attaching to the tissue or scales of a fish. During studies at commercial catfish farms, it proved equally as effective as a copper sulfate treatment, but with no potential of toxicity to the fish.

Suitable for both hatcheries and commercial ponds, AkuaPro kaolin solution can be easily added to fish farm vats before or after the onset of columnaris disease and aeromonas hydrophila. 

We created AkuaPro kaolin solution as a natural, eco-friendly alternative to keep fish stocks healthier and improve yields for fish farmers. Contact us to discuss how it could help keep your fish healthier, too.

Key benefits

  • Reduces bacterial attachment to fish tissues and scales
  • Reduces the occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria in the water
  • Has no negative impact on fish health, when used as directed
  • Is simple, safe and effective to use
  • Disperses easily in water
  • Contains no copper salts or chemicals 
  • Increases fish survival rate of fish compared to receiving no treatment



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