Virgin resin replacement

There are smart new ways to improve the quality of recycled plastics so they are better able to replace virgin resins, even for high-value applications.

Replacing virgin resin with recycled plastics  

We’re all looking for ways to recycle more and reduce our dependence on virgin resources. Recycling plastics is a major area of focus, but we need to improve the quality of recycled plastics so they are suitable for higher-value applications. This must, of course, be done without raising costs to unsupportable levels. 

Using our unique ImerLink™ additive package and mineral solutions such as Steagreen® talc*, we can improve the properties of recycled plastics to make them behave like 100% virgin polymers, suitable for use in higher value applications that meet key performance requirements.

Recycled polymers often demonstrate very poor mechanical and optical properties. This is because polyethylene and polypropylene have different melting and solidification temperatures, which leads to phase separation. Adding ImerLink effectively solves this problem, helping PE and PP to combine effectively, allowing great mechanical and optical properties to be maintained even when there is a mix of plastics in the feed.

Used as functional reinforcing agents, our mineral solutions can restore the mechanical and optical properties of recycled plastic compounds allowing you to improve your environmental credentials without lowering the quality of your end product. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.