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Business model

Business model

"Imerys is a world leader with unique advantages. Present around the world, the Group serves a wide range of markets whose demand is evenly balanced between consumer spending and corporate investment. Nearly half of our businesses currently target "growth markets", meaning emerging countries and high potential end markets.

Our specialty minerals are formulated to respond to the precise and demanding needs of our industrial customers. We therefore set our prices according to the value-added and service provided while striving to maintain our leadership positions. The development in our range of products and services is the cornerstone of our profitability and guarantees a good level of cash-flow generation.

This profitable and solid growth model means we are completely confident of the Group’s capacity to continue its development in the coming years."

Gilles Michel
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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Imerys transforms, enriches and combines a unique range of minerals to offer features essential to its customers’ products and production processes.

Imerys’s strengths

With a focus on markets, Imerys is constantly developing new mineral solutions and owns world-class mineral resources and industrial assets.


300 scientists, 8 R&D centers, 20 regional laboratories... Imerys invests significant resources in the development of solutions tailored to each customer.