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La Verrerie quarry (Indre), France — Creation of a replacement pond to protect an environment of high ecological value


Sustainable development

La Verrerie quarry (Indre), France — Creation of a replacement pond to protect an environment of high ecological value


The “La Verrerie” site is mined for the specificity of its clay, whose physical properties are sought after in the floor tile industry. The quarry is in Lureuil, a few kilometers from Châteauroux in the Berry region.
The “1,000 lakes” region is protected by various entities, including La Brenne regional natural park. The “La Verrerie site”, located north-west of the park, contains wet lands with rich fauna. One of the best known species is the European pond
terrapin, whose dark shell is a symbol for the region. Its scarcity means it is on the red list of endangered reptile species in mainland France. The opening of a quarry on this site challenged the existence of a flora and fauna habitat. An environmental study conducted in 2007 showed that terrapins were present in the wet land. The removal of that environment during mining was offset by measures to preserve this ecological heritage.

2 types of measures were taken:

  • A replacement pond was created on the edge of the site and animals were transferred. A favorable host environment for aquatic and amphibian flora was created. This involved working the topography of the pond bottom and its substrate.
  • A fence was set up to prevent the terrapins from returning to the operating zone.

The replacement pond was recolonized naturally by reeds. Amphibians and dragonflies have now taken up residence. Nests of bee-eaters have also emerged in the career. Conducting an inventory is scheduled to assess the initiative’s ecological results.

• La Brenne regional natural park

Since 2005, our Sustainable Development reporting covers all activities over which we exert operating control.

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