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Recycling Calcium Carbonate Tailings


Sustainable development

Recycling Calcium Carbonate Tailings

Efforts to reduce the environmental impact of Imerys products have also prompted to the utilization of mine tailings from the Sylacauga factory in Alabama, USA. The Building Materials market renowned for its environmentally innovative approaches, LEED, has seen the launch of Imery’s first LEED product: resistant floor-coating made from calcium carbonate tailings.

Other promising opportunities (such as rugs, wall coatings, floor tiles) in this developing market segment are being studied.

Sustainable Development 2011
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Our Sustainable Development policy supports the Group’s long-term strategy. Actions are guided by a three-year plan that sets goals for each of our areas of activity. The three-year plan also provides for gradual, continuous performance improvement.

Environmental focus

We work to reduce our environmental impact and use natural resources efficiently. We control our activities’ impact on the environment and set up management systems that allow us to improve our performance continuously.

Social Focus

Health and Safety, Human Resources, Ethic, and dialogue with our neighboring communities are among our main corporate social responsibility priorities.