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SD Challenge


Sustainable development

SD Challenge

Social and environmental initiatives

The purpose of the Group's Sustainable Development initiatives is to improve the daily lives of the employees and/or communities living near its operational sites.

Every year, employees have become increasingly involved in the various social and environmental initiatives established by the Group. With 98 new projects in 2015, the Sustainable Development Challenge attracted its highest level of participation since its creation. The nine winning projects focused on the themes of health, environment, professional development and education.


Minerals for Filtration, India
Creation of a portable, domestic water-treatment system that is affordable for low-income families in rural
areas. Thanks to ImerPureTM, the filtered water is safe to drink, reducing the risk of illness.

Carbonates, Mexico
Computer courses for members of the local community to develop their skills and improve their employability.

Filtration and Performance Additives, China
Improving the living conditions of orphans in Linjiang, near the Imerys factory, thanks to the commitment of ten employees who volunteered.

Kaolin, Brazil
Deployment of a hospital boat on the Amazon to provide treatment for families who live near the river and have limited access to medical care.

Environment & biodiversity

Metallurgy, Greece
Planting 17,500 organic grapevines on 12 acres of land on the island of Milos as part of the rehabilitation of a closed mine.

Refractory Minerals, France
Signing of a ten-year agreement with a local nonprofit association to monitor the reintroduction of the European bee-eater, a protected bird species, at the Clérac site in the Charente- Maritime region of France.

Performance Minerals, France
Creation of a new talc production plant for the automotive industry, HAR®3G, which enables a 63% reduction in electricity consumption during the production process.

Human resources

Calderys, India
Implementation of three literacy classes per week for sub-contractors to enable them to understand safety instructions and improve their employability.

European Mineral Days

Metallurgy, Greece and Bulgaria
Treasure hunt and open site days for 71 high-school students at the Milos (Greece) and Rhodopa
(Bulgaria) mines to familiarize students with the world of minerals.

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