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Testimonial Shile D.



Testimonial Shile D.


I want to keep moving forward with Imerys.

Shile D.,

I heard of Imerys from a campus tour, which was intended to introduce students to its graduates’ program.

Later on I joined Imerys as an intern in the US, and now I am working as an engineer in Asia-Pacific. Imerys helped me progress and grow by providing positions in different divisions and businesses, and involving me gradually in cross-functional projects and operations.

As the worldwide leaders in mineral-based specialty solutions, Imerys groups a great number of talented and brilliant people who can be easily reached, from quarry to shipping to R&D to sales.

I have gained a lot of cross-functional experience thanks to the mid-size organization and Imerys’ graduates’ program. The work environment is really enjoyable and flexible. I want to keep moving forward with Imerys.

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